Chloramine B


Uses: Used in spray disinfection, water treatment

Ingredients: C6H5SO2NClNa.3H20

Characteristics: White powder

Package : 25 kg / drum

Origin : China 


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Product introduction

Chloramine B is used extensively in the field of antiseptic. This is a chemical used to disinfect water sources in the absence of clean water, especially in flooded areas to prevent pathogenic bacteria from growing. In addition, Chloramine B can also be used to disinfect hand sanitizer, stain yellow stains on the floor or medical equipment. However, Chloramine B can be harmful to the skin, eyes and respiratory system so any careless operation can harm people in direct contact with chemicals. All measures must be used to ensure that the concentration of Chloramine B reaches a safe level in order to avoid being toxic or affecting the health of users.

Chloramine B is a strong antiseptic, completely eliminating bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa that cause disease in domestic animals. Use the following dosage:

How to use surface disinfection:

Phase dosage: For every 0.25 grams of Chloramine B in 25 liters of water for common surface disinfectants, the time needed to clean bacteria and fungi on the surface is 15 minutes to 30 minutes.

Surface disinfection for viruses: Mix 2 grams of Chloramine B powder in 100 ml of water (2% solution) and the time to clean the virus of this chemical is about 60 minutes.

Preventive hygiene:

Disinfection pits: Mix 5% solution (50 g / liter of clean water), should be renewed daily or when the solution is contaminated.

Disinfecting breeding facilities: Mix 0.5-1% solution (5-10 g / liter of clean water). 1 liter of solution, spray regularly, wet 5 m2 area, spray once every 5-7 days. Can spray directly into the barn is raising cattle and poultry.

Means of transport, breeding tools: 1% (10 g / liter of clean water), spray evenly.

Disinfect water for cattle and poultry to drink: 1 g / 100 liters of drinking water.

To disinfect animal bury pits and manure pits: Mix 10% solution (100 g / liter of clean water), spray evenly.

Disinfect incubator, incubator: Mix 1% solution (10 g / liter of clean water), spray evenly.

Disinfect skin for surgical preparation: 1 g / 6-12 liters of clean water.

Disinfect wound: 1 g / 3-6 liters of clean water.

Antiseptic breast before expressing milk: 10 g / 1-2 liters of water

Douching of the uterus: 1 g / 1.2 liters of clean water.

Destruction and disinfecting in epidemic areas:

 Disinfect water: mix 1 gram of powder in 100 l of water

Mix 2-3% solution (20-30 g / liter of clean water) directly into the area to be disinfected. 1 liter of solution after spraying for 5 m2 of foundation, once a day for 3-5 consecutive days or until the end of the epidemic.

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