Minerals used for feeding and roasting, help supplement minerals for shrimps to quickly peel hard shells

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Product introduction

Packing specifications: 25 kg / bag

Origin: Turkey

Characteristics and utility: Rotamin mineral consists of more than 96 multicellular and microelements, providing essential minerals in aquaculture.

Absorbing NH3, NO2 and heavy metals ...

Increase feed conversion ratio (FCR) and increase productivity.

Enhancing resistance, improving nutrition system, helping shrimps harden hard shell.

Kill bacteria and parasites that cause disease.

Preventing some diseases of shrimps due to lack of minerals (opaque body, curved body, peeling, ...).

Improving water quality, stabilizing algae, stimulating plankton development, helping shrimps grow quickly, evenly and firm

Dosage used:

Use roasted: 2 days before stocking, throw 2.5 kg / 1000 m3

 After 30 days of raising shrimp, throw 1-2 kg / 1000 m3

Periodically: 1 -1,5kg / 1000 m3, 7-10 days once

Mix for shrimp: Mix 5g / kg of feed, eat twice a day, feed continuously for 5 days to stop 5 - 7 days. Keep going like that until the end of the crop.

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