Astabio Creates Red For Shrimp


Use: Food supplement to create red color for shrimp

Ingredients: Astaxanthin, Vitamin A 1, A 2

Characteristics: Red powder

Package: 500 grams / bag 

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Product introduction

Astabio helps shrimp to be beautiful


  • With unique formula of Astaxathin, along with Vitamins, creating beautiful shrimp colors, increasing the value of commercial shrimp, bringing high prices for commercial shrimp.

Uses : 

  • Create color pigments for shrimp, crabs, salmon .. (especially after cooked to the standard color).
  • Supplementing vitamins A1, A2.
  • Increase production and quality of eggs.
  • Improve resistance and promote growth.
  • Increasing resistance to stress and disease resistance.
  • Anti-oxidant and detoxifying effect.

Recommended dose :

  • Small shrimp: 800-1000g / T feed
  • Large shrimp: 500-1000g / T of feed
  • Broodstock: 1500-2000g / T feed
  • Salmon: 1000g - 2000g / T of feed

Note :

  • Feeding before 15 days, preferably 30 days before harvest.
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